Irene Palomar - La artista

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

About me

Having devoted very happily to a technical profession for more than 35 years, belatedly I gave myself the permission to develop my artistic possibilities. I chose to express myself through contemporary jewelry, a journey I started on 2008. The results were very rewarding: I expanded my creativity and began to exercise the right side of my brain for the sake of my well-being.

My general education

  • Teacher (1969)
  • Surveyor Engineer (1974)
  • Social Psychologist (School Pichón Rivière) (1999)

My jewelry education

  • 2007 Union of Jewelers (Chiseled).
  • 2008-2010 Complejo Educativo de Joyería (CEJ). Buenos Aires
  • 2007-2012 Private Workshops: Flor Fiszman, Mabel Pena. Buenos Aires
  • 2009 and 2010 Francine Schlöeth (Japanese lacquer). Buenos Aires
  • 2010 Seminar with Luis Acosta. Textile Arts Center. Buenos Aires
  • 2010 Seminar Art Curator. ESEADE. Buenos Aires.
  • 2012 Antonio Pujía (Wax modeling)
  • 2009 and 2012 Workshops (advanced) in jewelry with the silversmith and jeweler Eugen Steier. Barcelona.
  • 2012 Origami Palermo Paper. Buenos Aires.
  • 2013 Foundry with sand and sepia bone (Francine Schlöeth). Buenos Aires
  • 2013 Papiroflexia with Walter Chen. Barcelona.
  • 2017 Rivets and cold connections. Judy Mc Caig. Buenos Aires
  • Contemporary Jewellery Seminar CHARON Kransen: Developing your own script, Athens, October 2014, Gallery Popeye Loves Olives/ Seminar CHARON Kransen 2018. Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2019 Workshop High-end jewelry design-University Siena-Arezo-Italy,Professor: Alberto Zorzi(Florence Biennial)

Exhibitions and Events

2019: Red-Black: Context Gallery (February) Sant Cugat-Barcelona/ Munich Jewellery Week, Individual Event Café Clara( March)./National Salon Stock Exchange Argentine Center of Textile Art(June)./Selected Artist Beijing Biennal  :International Jewelry Art Exhibition(October)/Milano Jewelry Week: Artistar Fall Edition ( October )/Selected XII Florence Biennale (October).

2018: Red-Black: Sevilla, Madrid, Neuchâtel (Suiza), Enschede (Holand) // Milan Design Week Fuorisalone (April) DINDESIGN // After Joya Effect V in the Athens Jewellery Week (May-June) // Select Artist Textile Argentine Art Center- Borges Center September // Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery and Objets, October // Travesías, Junín Buenos Aires, October-November // Divino Gioielli, Gioiellodentro (Italy) Dec-January 2019.

2017: The After Joya Effect IV in the Athens Jewellery Week (May-June)//Geometries-MEK Gallery-Córdoba –Argentina (May-July)//Joya Barcelona //Jewel & Chocolate ,Xocolat Museum Barcelona ( October) Klimt 02//SOFA CHICAGO (MEK Gallery) November.

2016: The After Joya Effect III in the Athens Jewellery Week (June-July 2016)Art Space Popeye Love`s Olives. // Selected Artist Textile Argentine Art Center- Stock Exchange August -Buenos Aires//Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair // SOFA CHICAGO, MEK GALLERY/  The First Biennial Contemporaine Jewelry-Textile Jewelry -Textile Argentine Art Center ,October.

2015: “The After Joya Effect II “ 6000 Fragments – The Floating Islands-Athens- Gallery Popeye Love`s Olives-June // Figurations – Argentines Jewelers – Josè Hernandez Museum -Buenos Aires-July//Art Market –Còrdoba ,Argentina-MEK Gallery-August// Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair -October//BIC MAJA Beijing-China -November //SOFA Chicago, MEK Gallery.

2014: Korea Craft Designer Association ,   International Invited, Exhibition in the USA, Art Center Gallery, Virginia, February // Jewelry ¨Maridajes¨ Cultural Center Virla, San Miguel de Tucuman Argentina, April // The After Effect I :Jewel Jewelry Fusion, Gallery Popeye Loves Olives, Greece, Athens, June // Creativity Oggetti:Il gioiello if mette in posa, Torino, Italy, October – November // Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair.

2013: “To be unique :the unique  importance of  being”- Gioiellodentro-Vicenza-Italy, Fiera Palakiss, May //Annual Exhibition Korea Kraft Designer Association(International Invited), May, South Korea // “Design for Existence” Best Digital Designer- Special Invited International, New York School of Visual Arts //Korea Digital Design Council International Design Exhibition, Special International Invited  -Korea //“The Emotions” collective show of Jewellery and Japanese Lacquer, Women’s Museum, Buenos Aires and Joya Brava –Chile ,Jun//  Joyeros Argentinos Exhibition – Gallery Arte y Parte-Buenos Aires, August//Joya Barcelona Art Jewellry Fair // Pending Issues ,Cecea Center, November ,Buenos Aires.

2012: Water, Collective: Space 10 Art Gallery-Buenos Aires // ArtExpo New York,  March  // Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair// Woman´s Museum:  Cycles, Buenos Aires.

2011: World Expo Joya, Hotel Sheraton. Buenos Aires // Museum  José Hernández-IV Second Biennial Craft and Craft Sector Mention Craft and Writing.Buenos Aires //Uniart 2011-Rome-La Sapienza University College Fair First Art, Design, Cultural Tourism and Handicrafts, Invited by the University of Flores,Buenos Aires// ¨Tango ¨-Artists and Artisans ¨Larreta Gallery-Buenos Aires-Honorable Mention,Jun //¨Spring¨¨-Artists and Artisans Larreta Gallery, September, Buenos Aires-Special Award.

2010: Pure Design 2010.Jewellery-Buenos Aires// The four elements-Transforming, Wo-Gallery Arte y Parte, Buenos Aires, Jun,// ¨What unites us? ¨,  Joyeros Argentinos, Buenos Aires //Uniart Exhibition 2010: First College Fair Art, Design, Cultural Tourism and Handicrafts, invited by the University of Flores. Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Borges ,August.

2009: Arts and Artists Emerging Art Space Ponce-Boscarino-Buenos Aires ,Jun//Craft Fair Navalmoral de la Mata, Spain, September.

2008: Group Exhibition of Art-Schools and Professional Councils Engineering, Architecture and Surveying June, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Book Participations

The Rings Book, Nicolás Estrada, 2011, Barcelona.

The 6th Annual Book of Argentine Art, 2012, Buenos Aires.

The 7th Annual Book of Argentine Art, 2013, Buenos Aires.

500 Necklaces, Lark Books, NY, 2013.

Who´s Who in Visual Art-100 Artisans,Craftspeople & Designers. Vol.2018.

Artistar Fall Edition 2019



Email: [email protected]
Buenos Aires, Argentina